Female Issues

Female Issues is the title of this ceramic installation selected at LXI International Competition of Contemporary Ceramic Art – “Premio Faenza”. A big scale group which aims to convey the artist’s point of view about female condition in our contemporary society.

Pipe fragments, hollow bodies in communication, membranes and spongy protuberances make up the sequences of a physiological process here referred to the female body. The figure in the centre, described in a fictile form that is container and firm presence, encloses the history, the becoming, the fruit of these connections. Desires and fears arise from it juxtaposed like the elements of a floral composition.
The metal supporting structure, deliberately left visible, is functional to describe the strength and determination of a microcosm with a soft and succulent appearance, which almost induces to feed on it.
The plasticity of the majolica lends itself perfectly to represent this vision and underlines, with its history of ancient material, the primordial process described in the work.

Female Issues
maiolica, metal
cm 260 x 130 x 130