Squaredhead, glazed ceramic, 30×30 cm – Milano, 2012 – private collection, London


1998 was the year of my temporary return to my town – the year that signalled the end of a ten year detachment. With the ubiquitous luggage of experiences and situations in tow, I found myself emerged in a new set of rythms & behavioural patterns, which in turn lead to the generation of a new body of works entitled “teste quadrate” (squared heads).

In 2007, after a considerable intervening period since the first appearance of these pieces in my repertoire, I found myself once again creating squared & cuboid pieces, finishing them with faces conveying my signature “severe” expressions. This time however, the works were created in response to a request by Philippe Starck and were to form a part of his network of projects. And so, by way of Paris, Los Angeles, Venice, Singapore, it was thus that the expression “squared heads” – which defines a certainly mental – moral attitude, once associated with the term “depraved” in the hands of a renowned exhibition curator, was opened up to new international prospects.  

This iconography still remains today , in 2016 , emblematic of my work.


 Squaredhead, glazed ceramic, 42×42 cm – Brescia, 2009 – private collection, France

⇑ Squaredhead, glazed ceramic, 30×30 cm – Milano, 2012 – private collection, Milan

 Squaredhead, glazed ceramic, platinum, 30×30 cm – Brescia, 2009 – private collection, Italy