Tea 4 Two

TEA 4 TWO is a project conceived and realized between 2017 and 2018.
The idea is the revisitation of the concept of chawan,  teabowls used during the Japanese tea ceremony.
The result is a collection of 30 pieces, each made up of several elements, superimposed or inserted one inside the other. Objects that refer to the aesthetics of mechanical parts and gears, in a single apparent contradiction with the spiritual and ritual nature of the tea ceremony.
Characterized by its own functionality as a ceremonial cup, each object is also a small work of art, whose elements can be assembled and juxtaposed at will.
This collection has been exhibited at Sokyo Gallery in Kyoto, along with pieces by the Japanese artist Toshio Matsui.

⇑Seventeen – cm H23 x W15 x D15 – glazed ceramic and gold

⇑ Eighteen – cm H28.5 x W18 x D18 – glazed ceramic and platinum


⇑ Seven –  cm H17.5 x W14 x D14- glazed ceramic and gold

⇑ Two – cm H15 x W14.5 x D14.5 -glazed ceramic and plastic ring

⇑ Twentyfive – cm H23 x W22 x D22 – glazed ceramic and platinum