“Fausto Salvi evokes for us a world free of human interference, placing the attention instead upon the biological world, which even in the simplicity of its shapes and in the elementary nature of its processes, denounces the monstrous possibilities of in different technological intervention (with respect to biodiversity itself and with respect to a profound ethical sense) while at the same time revealing the unstoppable force of life which finds, above and beyond all else, its own road in the elements untouched by the follies of contemporary humanity”.
By Valerio Terraroli for VegetalisperiMentali exhibition
Galleria Luciano Colantonio
Brescia, November 2001

⇑ VegetalisperiMentali, glazed ceramic, ø40×240 cm – Brescia, 2016

VegetalisperiMentali, ceramica smaltata, ø40x240 cm - Milano, 2003 - collezione privata, Francia

⇑ VegetalisperiMentali, glazed ceramic, ø40×240 cm – Milano, 2003 – private collection, France

⇑ VegetalisperiMentali, glazed ceramic, ø40×240 cm – Brescia, 2005 – private collections, Italy and Belgium