⇑ ⇓ City into the city, installation made by 100 glazed and painted ceramic forms, covered by alluminium leave. ø300 cm, max h 55 cm. Brescia, 2009 – Private collection, New York

CITY INTO THE CITY I begin with a little piece of metal. Then I add other squares and rectangles, I place them one on top of the next until I obtain an effect similar to that of gold leaf. But the material is less expensive, less noble, closer to the reality of that which I aim to represent. With this work I decided to give credence to a sort of denial of the glassy ceramic surface and the enamel glazed effect that I have always tried to avoid in my laboratory experiments. And so i return to myself, to my work and to that which in essence I like to do: to play with and to look for different forms of expression. I cover everything, or at least as much as possible, with this marvellous papery adhesive foil, giving a visibly stronger skin to the fired and glazed pieces, rendering an effect less warm than that of the majolica. The work proceeds, and as it develops, a forest and its undergrowth take form. Details remain that emerge from the haphazard application of the aluminium, oval and concentric bicoloured patterns that break and interrupt to remind the viewer that under the skin lies the structure and the fired soul of the piece. FS